June’s been a slow month art-wise for me. The first piece was inspired by this (slightly cringe-y ?) music video. Materials are my beloved White Nights Watercolours (24 set),  Fabriano Classico 5 Hot Press Watercolour Paper, and the Pentel Brush Pen, size is A5. Then a few sketches in my […]

sketch turquoise skinned lady bright yellow backgroung

Painting again!

Look, I made things! The mermaid is in watercolour, the red head in gouache, both on Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolour paper, watercolours used are St. Petersburg White Night Watercolours, gouache is Reeves. The Mermaid Mage was inspired by this video by the lovely Sophira – Lou on YouTube. The […]

Ink Drawing | Emerald Elf (Video)

I made something again! A little inked drawing of an elf. And I filmed it! (And more to read under the video.)  This was the first time in well over a year that I used a brush and ink, and obviously I’m not quite there yet, but it can only […]

Mermaid sketch watercolour pencil

Underwater sketching

So, I’ve been doing some sketching last night, and decided to put some watercolour on one of the drawings. It was kind of a plan for a big piece, something I haven’t done in what feels like forever! I think I’d rather go for the pose in the small sketch […]

Off to New Shores

Hi. I haven’t been around very much lately… or at all, let’s be real. I want a new start here. Not because of the new year, or not only because of it. I missed doing this writing/blogging thing, and decided to do a fresh start, no old baggage. I am […]

leaves sunlight new start